Ventilation Tactics (Sat. AM)

This is a 4-hour course and will include approximately 2-hours of classroom and 2-hours of hands on. The lecture portion will consist of a comprehensive overview of the What, Where, When, Why & How of Vertical Ventilation.  We will discuss in depth the purpose and various types of ventilation on residential & light commercial structures as well as the Do’s & Dont’s of positive pressure ventilation.  We will also discuss the critical importance of building construction as it relates to ventilation and how it has become forsaken all too often.  Handouts will be provided and you are encouraged to review basic building construction prior to this class.  The Lab portion will take place directly after the Lecture each day at the training center.  This is a “Hands on Lab” that will allow the student to use proven vertical ventilation techniques with the use of chain saws, rubbish hooks & roof ladders for optimal safety during vertical ventilation.  A steep and shallow roof prop are used to demonstrate these techniques as well as the importance of teamwork and communication.  There will also be a saw handling and safety section to improve chain saw proficiency and confidence as well as the ability to “feel” the rafters.

Required Gear: Structural Firefighter Gear & Eye Protection
Class Location: Training Center 00 Garage
Class Offered: Saturday AM, PM and Sunday PM
Class Instructor: Mark Kipley