Advanced SCBA (Sun. AM)

For students with a strong SCBA background, this 4-hour class uses live fire in the `hot` side of the Cody burn building to test and instruct participants in advanced skills in search and rescue techniques and to coordinate fire attack under the supervision of experienced career service fire fighters.  Skills taught will include;  building size-up, forcible entry primer, primary and secondary searches, searching with a partner, navigating stairs in a below grade fire, recognizing a hose-line as an escape tool, nozzle basics, victim removal and fire behavior.  This class is physically and mentally demanding and we expect all participants to complete two evolutions through the burn building.  Please have a full SCBA cylinder when you arrive.  Please hydrate a few days prior and try to get a good nights sleep.  You will leave this class invigorated and excited to be a firefighter and will be much more comfortable with your SCBA and PPE ensemble.  Our goal is to give you absolute comfort with your gear.

Required Gear: Structural Firefighter Gear & SCBA
Class Location: Hot Side Burn Building
Class Offered: Saturday AM, PM and Sunday AM
Class Instructor: Robert Murphy, Denver Fire

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